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1954 Cadillac Flower Car FUNERAL VEHICLES t
1954 Cadillac-Superior Flower Car
1954 Cadillac hearse
This is (or used to be) a 1954 Cadillac hearse. Found by reader Fred H., it is for sale here on Craigslist ...
Here ...
1954 Cadillac Ambulance by A.J. Miller
1954 Cadillac Hearse - 54 Caddy Hearse Sideview
1954 Cadillac Hearse
1957 Cadillac Superior hearse. Photo credit: Thomas A. McPherson Collection. #Cadillac #Superior #landau #hearse #ThomasMcPherson
Large Picture of Classic '52 S&S Florentine Offered by Classic Dreamcars, Inc. -
1957 Cadillac Superior Coupe de Fleur - funeral flower car
hearse for sale | Cadillac : Other Superior Hearse 1958 Cadillac Superior Hearse $5,000
1958 Cadillac Eureka Flower Car on ebay
1959 Cadillac, Flower Car, Rolling Stock, Limo, Ambulance, Chevy Trucks,
Kinda ...
1954 Cadillac Fleetwood Photo
1976 Cadillac Centennial Victoria Hearse by S&S
Hemmings Find of the Day – 1980 Cadillac DeVille Superior hearse
1970 Cadillac flower car
1989 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham Funeral Flower Car Hearse 25K ORIG Mls, V8, A/C
Hemmings Find of the Day – 1973 Cadillac Caribou pickup
1954 Pontiac-Superior Funeral Coaches Ad (Argentina). Pontiac CarsFlower ...
A room with a view – 1959 Cadillac Broadmoor Skyview
Fleetwood 1975 Cadillac Miller Meteor 3 Way Hearse
Cadillac Flower Hearse
Coches de los muertos: a pair of barn find Argentine funeral cars
2018 MK Coach Lincoln 44 6-Door Limousine
1954 Pontiac-Superior Funeral Coaches Ad (Argentina). Flower CarAuto ...
2008 Superior Coach Cadillac Statesman
Grave Limos 1955 Cadillac Superior hearse in Oz
Fernando ...
1954 Cadillac Superior Coach Company ~
1975Cadillachearse_02_1000 1975Cadillachearse_03_1000 1975Cadillachearse_04_1000 1975Cadillachearse_05_1000
Argentine flower car restoration continues
1951 Packard Henney hearse
1938 Packard Henney Hearse ~
1970 Cadillac Superior Royale Flower Car
Flower car
1941 Cadillac Flower Car ~
1990 Cadillac Eureka Hearse
Fernando ...
It is all black, and it runs and drives very good. A very rare and unusual car. Whitewall tires, chrome trim rings, side mirror, clock, heater.
Cadillac Escalade
FEATURED VEHICLE. 2009 Cadillac DTS Pro for sale in Deerfield, FL
1956 Cadillac Meteor Crestwood Landau Panoramic Hearse
Cadillac Ambulance and Funeral Car
1952 Cadillac Hearse S & S Florentine Flower Car-Hearse Sayers & Scovill 1 OF 9 Built
FEATURED VEHICLE. 2004 Cadillac Deville Professional for sale in We Help Ship Worldwide!, AZ
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A surviving S&S Park Place end-loading funeral car; according to enthusiast, Sarah, this may be one of only a few combination hearse/flower cars made by S&S ...
1966 Miller-Meteor Cadillac funeral coach
A surviving S&S Park Place end-loading funeral car; according to enthusiast, Sarah, this may be one of only a few combination hearse/flower cars made by S&S ...
1998 Cadillac HEARSE for sale in Chesterland, OH
S & S, Sayers and Scovill, William A. Sayers, A.R. Scovill, Sayers Automobile, H.K. Reinoehl, S&S Coach, S&S Funeral Coach, S&S Ambulance, Cincinnati, ...
1953 Cadillac Superior Hearse · 1954 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75 ...
1938 Hudson Hearse ~
1956 Cadillac Eureka Landau Hearse 3-WAY Sideloader 8680SS
1954 Cadillac Superior Hearse being built · 1954 Cadillac Superior Combination
Lincoln MKT Grand Legacy
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We Finance Funeral Vehicles Every Day... Does Your Bank?
LaSalle (automobile)
This is the Miller Meteor Classic funeral coach prices started at $10,474 and rose to $11,865 for the 3-way model with power casket table
1952 Packard Henney pro Street Hearse
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Pontiac : Other "First Call" Vehicle Photo
Henney, Henney Motor Co., John W. Henney, C. Russell Feldmann, Henney Coach, Packard-Henney, Freeport - Coachbuilt.com
1956 Cadillac Flower Car