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This page is a list of characters from the Digimon video games Digimon World DS, Digimon World Dawn and Dusk, and Digimon Story: Lost Evolution.
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... but I will say that Bugs Bunny is the single biggest comedy influence on my life. I can watch them all again today and remember almost every word!
Tai Arrives Home (Episode 21, Digimon Adventure)
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Digimon Adventure
Let's face it, did you really think Digimon Tri wasn't going to be brought to the US? Well, it's here.
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... always a few kids trading those "other" cards on the playground and watching that monster show on Fox Kids instead of that monster show on Kids' WB.
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Digimon Adventure - Mimi
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Sora Takenouchi (武之内 空) is a main character in Digimon Adventures.
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Mimi Tachikawa
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Digimon - Jeri and ADRs
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Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth - Hackers Memory Case Guide
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