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Patreon will have new stories every week now Transformation art
Sue's story began as fun werewolf transformation in the vain of American Werewolf in London, one of my all time favorite films.
It will involve characters that not only I come up with but also YOURS! I would love to hear your ideas for what you'd like to see in a cool transformation ...
for all you wonderful entry level supporters, you'll be able to see the step by step process of creating stories like Sue's and many others to come!
The founding story of Patreon
The product of Patreon
although black and whites will still be offered freely, colored artwork will be exclusively offered to patrons only. (several may be chosen for ...
I will continue to update the look and feel of this project as well. I will be adding new exciting rewards and interacting more with those that support.
What is Life of the Party?
Changeling Tale - TF Visual Novel by LittleNapoleon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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You get early access to stories, some bonus bits of writing that won't be posted anywhere, and you help make all of the writing possible!
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This one is not by me, but it is probably my all time favorite pic
Amanda greeting a fan during an after-show signing. Photo credit: Andrew AB
Amanda Palmer Is Home: Why the Kickstarter Queen Embraced a New Way to Fund and Create Art
6 Themes We Saw at SXSW 2019
The rise of Patreon – the website that makes Jordan Peterson $80k a month
vivziepop commissions on patreon and tumblr
Lara Veleda Vesta is creating Art, Writing and the Wild Soul School | Patreon
Looking to rely less on ads as they don't really pay the bills anymore. So if you'd like to support me in this newest venture, thank you so much.
Amanda at a patron-only event in London. Photo credit: Kenny Mathieson.
Patreon Top Creators and How To Get More Patrons Free Video Tutorial Review
Become a Patron
Bowie AFP COVER option 2 EDIT
What is Patreon?
Meet the artist drawing millions of YouTube views
The rise of Patreon – the website that makes Jordan Peterson $80k a month | Technology | The Guardian
Northrop Grumman Serves as Titanium Patron of 2018 Space and Missile Defense Symposium
Today on the Patreon Daily Comic: by areg5 ...
Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre
Meanwhile Robin has told Bat Girl about Batman's crocheting and Bat Girl has told Mrs. Gobblechin, a short, plump, middle-aged woman with eyeglasses and a ...
Patreon is a website that allows for artists to reach out to their communities for financial support in exchange for access and perks for their patrons.
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Independent Creators on Patreon You Should Be Learning From
With your help I can continue her story and hopefully begin many others! Werewolves and vampires, monsters really in general have always interested me and ...
We also have live streams, which are a lot of fun. An hour or so a week to sit back and chill out, talk, and draw. As well there are perks like ...
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The Patron State: Government and the Arts in Europe, North America, and Japan 1st Edition
... Tf 2 Patreon Sneak peak - Kim Possible to frog
Rateo and Mouseliet [Patreon Illustrated Story] by volkenfox ...
You can find the full body and bikini versions in my #patreon 💕 Check my # patreon for more: http://www.patreon.com/chriszerotani Thank you 😊 #zerokurisu ...
UV Production House, Steal This Look: How To Budget Your Self Aggrandizing Patron Portraiture
A line art-style illustration of a smug-looking man with sunglasses and a
Art from the Swamp: How Washington Bureaucrats Squander Millions on Awful Art Hardcover – August 28, 2018
In Episode 6, Good Profits and Bad Profits, Fred and Jill discuss how a focus on short-term revenue, based in exploitive tactics, can backfire by decreasing ...
One great thing about being my patron is that pretty often I'll ask my patrons what they want to hear me talk about. As I am very open and public about ...
I've been at it for a couple years now and I've fallen in love with them. Though I know I'm still a beginner, the past two years I've greatly improved since ...
Jack Conte, the co-founder of Patreon, at the company
Swell Sheep TG/TF Animation (WIP #7)
A brief history of Valentine's Day – from the patron saint of epilepsy to Chaucer's love tales
... the terms ...
Here's why art is the most powerful way to heal the world, and here's how we can make it start…
Sofia Richie at SAG-AFTRA Foundation Patron of the Artists Awards
I'm finally building a patreon for #invinciblesummer #patreon #illustration #makingcomics #artists #artlife #artistsoninstagram #photooftheday
New stories set in the world of The Middle Age! Starting today, to give readers even more reason to become Patreon supporters, I'm uploading ...
... the terms ...
Monday Meme #truestory #dadjokes #gymhumor #dadlife #fitdad #definingdadbod #dadbod
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Artist Profile Series Episode 12: Georg Hegel
It's almost as if people are describing all
Winston Rowntree illustration on his donation campaign. (Image: Patreon)
ADOPT A GODDESS: How To Find & Invoke Your Patron Goddess
KOLKATA: This is the story of a modern-day Valmiki, though not one planning to write an epic. Kultali villager Gokul Naskar had realised early in life that ...
(To add to the fun, at least for those generally in the know, Disney kept Barks's name off the comics he created and how much Kane contributed to Batman ...
It goes without saying that almost every nominally “indie” cartoonist has a Patreon site of their own these days — but a few of us critics are getting in on ...
The Monkey Princess [Illustrated Patreon Story] by volkenfox ...
become-a-patron ...
You have the power to bring Imprints to the stage, just as we all have a role in healing. To make Imprints a reality, this production will require $10,000.
Independent Creators on Patreon You Should Be Learning From
Have arts leaders increased the loyalty of their patron in recent years? TRG Arts is the longest-standing aggregator of loyalty metrics in the arts industry ...
Fruit bowl Somehow, I don't know where things went different as planned, but here I am, just a statue, an object, a fruitbowl for heavens sake. All I can ...
Clothing and transformation in The Taming of the Shrew - The British Library
Woooo, I try to get all Stoic in this one friend. I found some interesting quotes that made me think of our terrible current state ...
Part 2 - Context
Also lets talk about Patreon. Started it about a year ago and its worked out pretty well. Ad revenue certainly isn't what it once was on the internet.
Julián Is a Mermaid: A Tenderhearted Story of Identity, Belonging, and the Courage to Be Yourself
The Assad Regime and its Iranian Patron Are No Prize for Russia by Majalla Magazine - HH Saudi Research & Marketing (UK) Ltd - issuu
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De CLARAcion: the video
Cover image for Changing Patrons: Social Identity and the Visual Arts in Renaissance Florence By
The Fairy Scribe by Alan Lee
... greatest moments from his dream games with the allies that have finished it multiple times. What elements from the story still stand out after all these ...
St Patrick's Treasury: Celebrating the myths, legends and traditions of Ireland's patron saint Paperback – November 16, 2018
Tg Transformation Stories (24th September 2018) - Male to Female Transformations | TG TF !!
... the topic of implicit bias and the controversy surrounding the implicit association test (IAT). What is implicit bias anyway? Does it have to be linked ...
The third N'Albany story is coming soon. Patrons will get each chapter a
... original psds of my art and animation & much more. To see how you can contribute please click the image below & visit the link to my Patreon Page.
Patreon have been my main case study in this research. Established in 2013. 
Now is the time to contemplate and prepare for Christmas, and given the way our culture has misappropriated Christmas, this is a more urgent task than ever.
Madonna of Montevergine