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Quino via Mr oof Tirinhas t
Diciendo adiós al 2016... y tan solo espero que el 2017 este bien
Mafalda: "Good morning, Sir. I came to have you make me a
Recortando cultura, por Quino - Library budget cuts, by Quino
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Mafalda e a Situação Internacional, by Quino Pinstriping
Mafalda Quotes, Spanish Humor, El Humor, Living Quotes, Jim Davis, Quotes
Mafalda buen despertar - Good morning world, good morning to all good people of…
Calvin e Haroldo - Tirinha nº 20
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Mafalda - Quino : ' Frankly, I don't know what I would do without me'. In French: 'Franchement, je ne sais pas ce que je ferais sans moi' :-)
Everything & Nothing: Quino - Bien gracias, ¿y usted? (Well Thank
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There are women so complicated that when they find the blue prince, it is not the shade of blue that they wanted.
My AS group have been struggling with the written section of the examination in which they have to write between words.
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Mafalda by Quino
Mafalda is "a special girl" (it is a character from a comic strip), always worried about peace, humanity and human rights.
Chegaram tarde
Feliz Dia dos Professores ! #diadosprofessores #professor #professora #educação #educadores #
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#Mafalda #BillWatterson #CalvinAndHobbes #Quino
A vida passa tão rápido…
Tweets em tirinhas do Peanuts
Work porn
Tweets em tirinhas do Peanuts
Mundo sem sentido
Pescar dá muito trabalho…
terça-feira, 1 de junho de 2010
Panfletando na rua
ALL of my events should be followed by a cash bar reception. This Friday!
INTERESSANTE: O reconhecimento da personagem foi tão grande que na cidade de Buenos Aires existe uma praça chamada Mafalda.
Fico imaginando se ele tá seguindo os passos do Quino, com delay: abandonou sua "Mafalda", fica em cartoons e obras sem personagens específicos.
deposito-de-tirinhas: “por quino ”
Steven Theoriverse
O espelho da verdade
In a word
Alfred Surveys Ltd
Here's another snap of Mr and Mrs
#chargespeed #charge #chargespeedjapan #humor #cartoon #charges #cartunista #chargesdiarias
Godzilla in translation
Bom pessoal, esta é a minha primeira tirinha que eu mesma fiz(aproveito a
Príncipe encantado
Problemas de lecto-escritura en la edad escolar
History meets modern and not much has changed. It's always been about protecting the institution
#chargespeed #charge #chargespeedjapan #humor #cartoon #charges #cartunista #chargesdiarias
Clients who think everything is urgent
Good to see that after #50+ years #Xmen haven't missed a
Via Richard Wiseman Blog (Favoritos).
Clients that keep changing their minds
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Steven Universe Fans
#comic #comics#comistrip#comicstrips#sketch#sketchbook#
The new seasons of Spongebob aren't funny
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Kaito hax - The place else could anyone get that kind of information such ideal manner writing ve presentation subsequent week and search .
Bom pessoal, esta é a minha primeira tirinha que eu mesma fiz(aproveito a
The next mayor of New York City Darren Aquino
Super-Homem pede demissão do “Planeta Diário”
Steven Universe Fanarts
Tirinhas e Notícias
Quais foram os últimos quadrinhos que comprou? E qual o último que leu?
Dealing with a loyal client that is holding you back
"LA REVISTA DE LAZARO" ( @larevistadelazaro )
🔠Tirinha A vida como
An Iranian Metamorphosis
the secret of arrive of thrive
She loves The Beatles and now she receives an award... well, in fact, "her father" Quino (an Argentinian cartoonist) got a prize: "Prince of Asturias Award ...
Tonight was my 350th performance of Matilda, sharing the
Truly humbled that I had been nominated and voted for by the public ! My sincerest
Steven Universe Fandom
Anna Shopee
Steven Universe Fans Latino América
Here's a process shot. Working on 2 layers in the ArtStudio app on my ipad
My $10 tee is the perfect representation of my current mood. Waiting on a whole
Digital Camera
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Steven The Party Potatoe
My client is really good at haggling
Yesterday we finished our first week of @matildathemusical 📚🦎 EVERYBODY has massively worked their
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY from Mr and Mrs Wormwood 🐛🐛🥂!!! #mrswormwood